Welcome To AstropalPR

We all know and agree that TIME and TIDE wait for none and Prevention is better than CURE.  Based on these two proverbs, AstropalPR is our sincere initiatives to guide people on time with the help of astrological science in every sphere of life. Facilitated by the highly talented and experienced astrological experts, we offer you a personal, interactive counseling service which is fast, confidential, non-judgmental, and unbiased based on the planetary positions. Most of the time we face dilemma in making proper decisions. Sometimes, we repent on the decisions made in the past. This dilemma and repentance can be avoided, if we are guided as per our horoscope. Proper guidance not only saves time but also avoid any unpleasant events. Having said that, we are here to provide proper guidance and counseling to people who approach us so that they can take correct decision on time and prevent any untoward incidents in their life. We have been successfully catering astrological services to people all across the world. The clientele base are mainly from India, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Me and my wife, work as a couple. Our educational background belongs to Engineering and Management. I have pursued MBA (Finance) and M.E.(Civil Engineering – Jadavpur University) and my wife is MBA (Marketing) and a Pharmaceutical Engineer from BITS,Mesra. We both have tremendous interest and passion for this divine science of Astrology. Also, due to bad experiences from commercial astrologers in our early life, we decided to train ourselves and cater to the genuine needs of people at large at affordable prices so that they can take advantage and get benefited from this beautiful science and make their lives better. As far as remedies are concerned, we do not believe in cheating people by recommending pricey gemstones as to our knowledge gemstones can only be beneficial for health issues. However, we do strongly believe that a person suffers due to the past Karmas and to get relieved from those Karmas only GOD’s blessings can help. Having said that, we recommend worship rituals which act as remedies as per the chart.

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