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(For Clients staying within India)

(For Clients staying outside India)

We will analyse your birth chart to suggest you about the diseases from which a person may suffer during the course of his/her life. The medical science starts treating when the person starts suffering and cannot make a trustworthy vulnerability check in advance. On the contrary, the astrology not only forewarns the native about vulnerability to dreaded diseases, but also helps in avoiding the same completely or partially by strengthening the planets by adopting suitable astral remedies, food habits, etc. Most of the relevant queries will be addressed.

The Consultation will consists of Full Astrological Report. You will also receive a 5-10 minute mp3 audio file which will explain about your health going forward in your current time periods.The report will be send on 15th day  from the Date of booking(Receipt of Money).Those who want Hindi Consultation report will have to mail us at the time of booking.

The clients staying within India can avoid paying service charge to PayUMoney by directly transferring the amount to the Bank Account. The Bank Account details are as under:-
Account Holder Name – PRIYAM ROY
Bank Account No. – 018301560316
Account Type – Savings
Bank Name – ICICI
Bank Branch – Begumpet,Hyderabad,India
IFSC Code – ICIC0000183

Please email the birth and transaction details to for consultation services with the subject line “Health Consultation”. The questions on concerned matter should be asked on the date of payment through email.

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